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:D Thanks, glad you approve! :D

:D Thanks, glad you approve! :D

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Alien vs. Predator in Jurassic Park

Oct 17

AU - Knight and Queen


((The idea for this was sparked when something about knights was mentioned on TV.

This is probably not even close to historically accurate, so it can be said it takes place in a Medieval-style video game. ^_^ ))

The knight in black armor took a deep breath to steady himself as he waited for his turn to enter the arena.

Covered from head to toe, it was unlikely that anyone but the large horse he rode could tell that his nerves were starting to get the better of him.

It was the first tournament that he was eligable for after his knighting ceremony, there were several other newcomers positioned with him in the back as well.

One by one, the knights rode out, the more experienced ones at the front of the line and getting the biggest cheers from the crowd that had been following their exploits over time.

When it’s his turn, Ralph gently urges his horse to walk, it didn’t need much encouragement to follow behind the rest.

As he goes out into the sun, while the crowd has quieted down from their initial excitement, there’s still plenty of cheers for the last few knights.

Once everyone is out in the arena, they circle the interior at a quick pace, allowing the viewers a good look at all the competitors.

After the display is completed, the knights split off, going to their favorite ladies in the crowd and asking them for their favor during the tournament.

The old-timers easily pick out the ladies they usually ask for a favor, while some of the younger ones take their time on choosing who they will fight for.

Ralph’s left as the only one not going into action, there’s someone who’s caught his eye, but it’s a risky move to ask her. However, as he looks around, it feels wrong to him to ask anyone else.

He exhales, then sends his horse into a slow walk across the middle of the arena, to the best seats in the house.

Once he’s in front of them, he dismounts his horse, immediately dropping into a genuflection and resting one fist solidly on the ground.

Ralph addresses the lady he’s chosen to ask for a favor from in an unsteady voice that grows a little more sure the longer he talks.

"My Queen, I was told that all knights are to ask a favor from the lady they find the most beautiful. As I look around, I find that there are none as beautiful as you, no one else compares. So, I humbly ask with as much honor and respect that I have: My Queen, will you allow me to fight for you? Will you give me your favor?"

Something I saw on TV sparked an AU idea for my Space Marine Ralph ( wreckingduty ) in a knight setting, so I tried to write down the mental image I had for him.

The Queen is meant to be queen-cybug/theroyalgeneral. (A picture of her human form is here if you wanted to see who I was picturing for the Queen in the AU.)


*points at friends oc* luv this oc

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me: *looks at ocs i made 4 years ago*

me: we can rebuild them. we have the technology

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Oct 16

I ship you with ______!

Bonus points for why.

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Reblog this with your mun and muses height







Muse: 6’2”

Mun: 5’9”

Muse: 4’

Mun: 5’10

Me: 5’6”

Gerry: 5’9”

Jay: 5’6”

Icarus: 5’6”

Mun: 5’ 6”

Muse: 5’ 6”

Mun: 5’8”

Sekhmet: 3’0”

Julius: 9’0”

Felicity: 25’0” ( 6’0” as a human)

Mun: 4’11”

Ralph Wreckinski: 6’8”

Vanellope Schwede: 4’2”

Feral: 10’3”

Mun: 5’7” or 5’8”

Space Cadet ( wreckingduty ): 9’ or 7’6”, 32’ tall as a Cy-Bug

Junior: Teeny (a little bigger than most baby Cy-Bugs)

Merorca Ralph ( wreckolocation ): 9’ or 7’6” long

Other Ralphs: 9’ or 7’6”

Wheatley ( chattersphere ): ???????

Oct 15

Tell me one thing you’ve always wanted to say to me


It can be under anon or not.

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Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween!

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