Mom Plays Pokemon X
Mom (about her Sandile): ...My gator's nature is intimate.
Me: ...I think that's Intimidate.
Mom Plays Pokemon X
Mom (describing Team Flare to Dad): They were Team Rocket knockoffs.
Mom Plays Pokemon X
Mom: Can you take Pokemon from other people?
Me: ...That's called Team Rocket.

I think it’s funny how quickly Ralph has been “adopted” into my family. 

Usually we watch a movie or play a game or whatever before we talk about characters, but we haven’t even seen Wreck-It Ralph and Ralph is mentioned in some capacity a couple of times a day by different family members.

What’s even funnier is that at first, Mom didn’t even care about the movie when we saw the trailer with Brave and now she’s been brought into the nonsense willingly. :D Dad’s been on board the whole time and so has my Sister. ^_^

We even already have bizarre in-jokes. XD

It’s gonna be the best movie ever.

This is what happens when Mom names the printer “Heartless.”

This is what happens when Mom names the printer “Heartless.”


My mom seriously just asked me if Wreck It Ralph was an Ace Attorney character.

Hee hee, I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than my Mom. For a while she couldn’t remember that Wreck-It Ralph even existed.

She’s been doing better about it lately, she even told me that Disney Movie Rewards would give 50 points per ticket for Wreck-It Ralph.

Then yesterday happened.

She rediscovered the pictures I took of the concept art at Hollywood Studios on her phone and was trying to tell me what they were. The last picture was of the giant poster that’s just the 8-bit angry Ralph face. She couldn’t remember his name, so she just settled on “RAWR”.

Now RAWR has become a sort of secret code for Ralph between me and her.

I think Wreck-It Ralph confusion must be a Mom thing. XD

Mom: I'm going to corrupt you guys because I KNOW it's somehow your fault.
Mom: I've had the Ducktales song stuck in my head for two days.
Let’s get the Chell outta here.
My Mom when we went to Dairy Queen after Momocon and I was still in my cosplay.
I don’t like Mr. Happy, I want my Potato back.
My Mom on Wheatley and GLaDOS XD

I now jokingly ship my Mom with Rick the Adventure Sphere from Portal 2.  :D

What happened was that Mom was playing with her new phone and trying out the voice commands.  She was looking for road conditions and told it to look for “wreck”.  The phone misunderstood and started searching for “rick”.  Now her phone has “rick” in her list of things and she can’t delete it.  XD